Cum dumpster like me deserve a massive helping

Cum dumpsterI love big dicks and bigger men and being a cum dumpster. There’s something amazing about finding myself riding a hardcore dealer who’s all hard and hot and ready for me with a crazy cock and an adventure to boot. “Ohh, fuck, that’s it, right there yes, yes, yes!” It’s a mix of peace and perfection, a thick cock stuffing my insides while I’m too busy grinding him into my folds to think. Strong hands latched onto my hips to pull me down again, and again, and again, right onto his dick and his swollen balls. Those balls spank me with every thrust, and it fills me with this feeling that I really don’t need anything except this, right here, right now. My cum filled cunt is always ready!

“Fuck!” I hear him shout, just as hot baby-batter starts racing to my womb. It probably won’t beat his first three loads, but I love how it feels when a man’s seed tries. It’s so earnest, and my slutty insides are always excited for energetic, earnest guys.

The moment ends with a bit of disappointment. It must have been too much for him, because before long his eyes are closing and nothing I do keeps him awake. No matter how I bounce, or kiss his neck, or what dirty things I say into his ear. It seems I fucked him out cold, and while that’s great. It’s left me very horny, and in need of more

I leave him to rest for a while, washing off all the tingly-hot cum. That’s worked its way into my core and pressured me for more. I need to find someone else to play with, someone else to fuck. There’s something special about needy folds begging for more even after hardcore abuse, and mine are always begging like cum guzzling slut.

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