Cum dumpster Hadley at the Gym

Cum dumpsterCum Dumpster Hadley goes to the gym full of Jizz. But what else is new? Everything I do in life, I have had a cunt full of jizz a time or two. Life just wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t feel like a trashy whore. Plus who has time to shower when between every cock they get? I know between the coke and the fucking, I still have to keep my strength training up. Whores who have aged out of being daddies’ little whore have to work more! Not to say I am mad about it though.

Eat My cummy pussy at the Gym!

I find the most decent cum eaters out in the world. Watching me pump iron while your rod gets hard is only going to lead to two places. A.. You bend me over and fuck me between sets. Or B… You be a good clean-up boy between my legs. Just so happens that our condo has a semi-private Gym that I hit up around noon every day. You know right before I pass out for a few hours. And there just happens to be this older man who has been showing up on my schedule now. 

I upped my game and began wearing almost nothing while we worked out. Today I couldn’t take the feeling of my sports bra or little shorts rubbing on my skin. So I asked him if he would mind if I worked out nude. Of course, the old pervert said yes! As I was doing my reps he just about came in his pants. I bent over to put the barbells up and he moaned so loud. I just had to turn around and ask him if he just wanted to fuck me and get it over with. But no, he said he saw some cum already in my sweet little snatch. All he wanted to do was get between my legs and clean me out he said. And you know I obliged that dirty old fucker! I think we have a standing weekly apportionment now. At least the man has some more Creampie sex stories to add to his belt notch now!

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