Cum Dumpster contest

Cum Dumpster

Some friends of mine and I went to a hot new club to party.  Los Angeles is a big fucking party from morning to night and back to morning.  My girlfriends bet me that I couldn’t fuck 20 guys by the end of the night. I was willing to take that bet.  I went into the men’s restroom and took a couple of bumps of coke and drank some tequila. I had a very short dress on and I took off my panties off.  I’m not sure what happened next, but I must have passed out because when I woke up there were two guys fucking me, one in my pussy and one in my ass and several other guys standing around waiting their turn.  You wouldn’t believe how many drunk men, when faced with a hot woman passed out will fuck her.  There must’ve been more than 100 men come through that bathroom (while I was conscious)  that night within a span of an hour. More than half of them either fingered me, licked my pussy or fucked me.  I was in and out of consciousness, but I was gonna win that bet.  I love being used.  When I knew I had won the bet, I went out to meet up with my girlfriends.  They didn’t believe how many men had fucked me that night, I opened my legs wide, and cum poured out of my pussy.  I was the cum dumpster of the evening. I won!

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