Cum back baby

lot lizard sex

I got a call a few nights ago for some lot lizard sex from my favorite trucker. I hadn’t talked to him in a bit and I missed his voice. I had been out whoring my pussy to anyone and everyone at the truck stop who would take it when I saw a familiar truck pull in. I wasn’t busy with anyone at the moment and so I began to toddle my way towards his rig. He greeted me with a kiss and a hug and then opened the door for me to climb inside. As I bent over to get across the seat he grabbed my ass from behind and gave my ass crack a big lick. I scrambled to get into the back and onto my back as he climbed in behind me. He pulled me over to him and asked how many loads that I had taken inside me today. I mentioned that I lost count somewhere around 15. He asked where I had taken all of them and I replied that most were in my pussy and ass but that I did suck a few as well. That’s all that it seemed to take for him to get into a frenzy and he began kissing me and searching in my mouth for any cum that I may not have swallowed yet. He stuck a couple of fingers right into my slippery cunt and brought out some of the baby batter that was still oozing from there. We both took turns sucking his fingers clean and sharing the excess back and forth. Finally he said that his cock was so hard that he had to get into this sloppy slit and he pushed me down onto my back and slid right in. He fucked me until he was about to cum and then he pulled out and shot his load into my mouth so that we could share that as well. I sure hope he comes through again soon.

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