Cuck Fucks are Much Better


Trashy milf

I want to be your fuck toy, and I’ve been thinking about you all night ever since you walked in this bar. You grab my ass the other night, and you squeeze my tight little-puckered bubble ass. When I got home to check I still had your fingerprints in my ass. I know I’ve got an old man, and he gets jealous, but I decided that I want to fuck you in front of him. Can you get down with that I love your big massive black cock so much you’re a crazy guy, and that turns me on. My husband, he’s such a fucking square he doesn’t know anything about having a good time I’m just done with his little bitty cock, it’s shameful. Last night my husband cried he told me that my pussy was too deep, I pushed him off of me I was grossed the fuck out at that point. I want you to show him how to make me feel like a woman because he can’t do it he’s got 3 inches of nothing. My sorry no cock husband is always so damn stupid the only reason I stay with him is because he spends money but that’s why I’m always at the bar, and I think I found the right guy to do the job. I’ll give you a significant blow job I know your cock is super huge because when you took my hand and forced me to put it on your crotch, I felt that large dick print. I can’t stop thinking about you I want you to show him what satisfies me he will never be able to do it but I could get him to pay you. I could also get him to clean us up after you spray your big fat load in my pussy he is such a wimpy, weak fuck her anyway. I know he’ll do anything for me, that’s why I want you to come over to my house tonight. I’m going to give you the key so you can walk in like the man of the house. My husband will be there making dinner for us, he will be wearing an apron I think that’s so fucking stupid but I allow him to be my maid because he sure can’t be my cock. You could even sleep in the bed with me we’ll put him on the couch I want you to fuck me, in my bed you don’t have to worry about anything. My husband is a submissive piece of shit he doesn’t have a strong bone in his body at all.

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