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phone sex line Melanie

I was scrolling through Craigslist on my first computer. I was able to finally afford it through stripping full time. I didn’t even know that Craigslist had a “personal” section for M4F. I had to take a peak. I did and wow! What I saw sure made me really god damn horny!! All these men were asking for a strong redneck woman who had a submissive streak. That sounds exactly like me! I’m not a southern belle, I don’t have a real strong accent either…but when I get turned on and going, boy it comes out. I made a little list of all these guy’s phone numbers and what exactly they wanted to do. The thrill of meeting a stranger and letting them have their way with me got my panties soaking wet. I have to call them all right after my shift. Hopefully I can get off work and then really fucking get off to something nice and hard.

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