Crack for my crack!

crack whore anal

I was finally able to score some crack from another user I knew and immediately headed back to the trailer park. I locked myself away for a few so I could get it ready. Finally I took a long hit off my pipe and went in search of some cock. When I am high all I want is anal. Crack whore anal is better than regular anal because you are soaring up above the trees while your ass id being pounded below. I have some guys here in the park who will fuck my ass for hours if I am high. I will stumble my way down to one of their trailers and they will bring me in and call some friends. I get passed from cock to cock like a cock whore party favor. I love the initial breach of the cocks into my asshole. They will grab my skinny hips and bounce me up and down on their pogo sticks. Or they will bring me up on all fours and slam their skin salamis into my starfish. I really love when they lay me down and one has my feet on his shoulders while another is feeding me his prick in preparation. They are always glad to have me stumble into one of their places with my eyes all glassy and pants down. Of course I am always on the lookout for more crack and new cocks!

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