Cheerleader Fuck Sluts Tryouts

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As head cheerleader, it is my job to wisely select the hottest, sluttiest girls for my squad. Only the best of the best earns the right to wear the tiny tight uniform. And how do I recruit these whores, you ask? Well, try outs are my favorite part! And they’re not traditional tryouts at all. Oh no. These tryouts are meant to see how slutty, how dirty, how nasty and how worthy these bitches are to join my squad of fuck sluts.

         We start tryouts by snorting a metric fuck ton of coke and getting nice and loose. Of course, we have to round up a few guys so that these whores can show me what they can do and how much cock they’re willing to take to join the team! After all, a good gangbang cheer whore will do whatever she needs to do to join us! It’s even better when the whores take turns fist fucking each other and me! Desperate whores are willing to do anything to get on the squad, even if it means drinking our piss and becoming the perfect toilet bitch for the guys I bring over!




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