Cheer Cunts Crave To Be Used!

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When I found out this little slut also loves pussy it made me even hornier and more desperate to be able to fuck her. We decided to set up a hot session after cheer practice in our uniforms on the football field. As you can see, this cute little bitch fucked my whore cunt with the football. We hoped we would be caught by some of the hot stud football players; we wanted them to join in. I mean what’s better than some small town fuck whores being filthy on the high-school football field where everyone can see. 

We would go down in history as the best sluts the town has ever had. Living in a small trailer park is way more fun because then everyone knows who fucks who. You pretty much get labeled and that’s what gets you more sex, cock, drugs and alcohol. Don’t lie baby, you know you love this trashy pussy already; so why not have 2 instead of one? I would love to play with you and another slut; so connect with me so we can play. I bet you are craving to have a couple sets of cunts to unload into. I can’t wait to show you how nasty I am!

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