Carmel’s Stripper Sex Stories

Stripper Sex Stories Carmel I was working at the club one night and I noticed this guy staring at me from the back corner of the room. I thought I could make some cash by asking if he wanted a private dance and of course he was down. We got to one of the rooms in the back and opened the door. To my surprise, there was a man already in there. The guy I had come with quickly closed the door and pushed me to my knees. “Get down you bitch and learn your place”. The guy in front of me laughed while he dropped his pants and grabbed his throbbing cock, stroking it fiercely and walking up to me. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back so he could slide that whole 9in down my throat. I couldn’t breathe he was so big and all of a sudden I feel the guy behind me shove his cock into my tight asshole. Both men were fucking me at each end and I really liked it. They both came around the same time filling my body with cum, both shaking from losing that massive load. They told me to stay down like the stupid bitch I was and they walked out. I can’t wait to do that again.

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