Carmels BBC Obsession

black stripper sexI have just been really craving a big long cock. Preferably 10 in inches. Its the perfect size to me. I need something to go real deep inside of me. Stimulate my female parts. A big black cock would be just perfect right about now. I went out looking for a big black dick to ride on at the club last night. I was dressed up real slutty and had a drink in my hand. I walked up to a man. I looked at him and I thought that he was probably hung. We got to talking. I just put my hand on his crotch and said “you know what, I would really just love to show you my skills in bed.” he said “Well can you take it, I’m 11 inches.” My eyes got wide. He told me that he was huge. I took him back to my place. I let him fuck me really hard. I could barely stand up and walk after he got done fucking me.

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