The Caramel Hotel

trashy milf  So one fabulous weekend I decided to do some prostituting in a cheap sleazy motel. It was my nice little spot I set up and I put my add online that weekend. I knew I’d be running through about 5 different customers In that hotel. So needless to say we did a lot cocaine and drinking. I was fucking and sucking all weekend long. Having the time of my life really being a whore. So much fun. But oh my gosh. We tore the shit up in that hotel. Spilled wine all over the bed ripped out some wallpaper. Trashed the lamp, cut the wire off a telephone. smashed in the TV. Everything we got so crazy that week. I doubt they’ll even let me back in but that’s just what I love to do. Trash hotels for fun. Since I’m in the big city, I know I can always find another with the trash. I like living in the fast lane for sure.

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