Car wash fun!

cum dumpster

I swear it’s hotter than hell outside! So a few of my friends wanted to wash cars for money and maybe even find some thick cocks for our wet little holes! It felt so fucking good to get all wet and soapy! Men couldn’t help but stare at our rock-hard nipples! It was so fucking hot watching them get hard as they took off their wedding rings! It wasn’t long until lI was being stripped out of my soaking wet clothes and thrown across the backseat of one of the cars to get my tight little holes fucked and filled with hot sticky cum!  MMM fuck! It felt so good being used as the fucking cum dumpster that I am that I just couldn’t help but to squirt all over the big thick cock fucking my tight little pussy! I love getting my holes used and abused and filled with yummy cum! All of my holes were used multiple times!

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