Can You See Us in Paradise?

Freaky phone sex


Let me take you there I can treat you right I can fuck your whole body make you feel like flying. All you need is me I’ll prove it I desire your lips on my skin. I will give you everything you need I will be your freaky salacious whore any position that you want to get into that I will do. I just want to have so much fun with you. I’m in love with your big blue eyes babe yeah, they’re talking to me all the time. Your cock is so damn big you fuck me like an animal. I can’t get enough of that big fat cock shoving in my cunt I love it. All I can think about is you I want to suck your cock swallow your cum let you spray me and my face please do it. I need is your semen feeding me and it’s so yummy. I am your slut I will be your whore fuck me in my ass throw me on the floor choke me now I want it I want it so bad yes. Can you do everything that I want you to do to me I know you will.

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