Busted by the Cops

Cum dumpster

I got busted by the cops yesterday for possession of a controlled substance. The substance was coke, of course. I was in big trouble. I thought for sure I would end up in jail, but the cops started checking me out and asked if I was willing to do something for them in exchange for being let go. I told them I would do anything! I do NOT want to end up back in jail again.

They pushed me against the wall and told me they were going to give me a little cavity search. He started groping my tits from behind while his partner lifted up my skirt and pulled my panties to the side and started fingering me. They saw how wet I was and said, “Wow, you really are a little whore.” The one behind me roughly jammed his cock into my pussy and bent me forward and started pounding me. His partner took me from the front and shoved his dick into my mouth. They were both sawing in and out of me with their big hard cocks. The one in front brutally fucked my face while the other jack hammered my pussy. I couldn’t help but squirt and cum.

They both emptied their balls into me and released me from my handcuffs. The one who fucked my face smacked me hard on the butt and sent me on my way. What a close call!

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