Book Worms!

Cum Filled CuntBoys in the sexuality section of the library are like bugs caught in my fly trap. The can just smell my sweet nectar and can’t help but be lured in. I’ve even set up a specialty wrack on the shelves in the section so I can have good handle bars for the eventually fucking I’ll get. They’re already hard by the time a show up so having quickies is perfect. They all say the same thing, too. “Ms. Hazel, I had no idea you…” and before they can even get the next words out of their mouth I’ve got their stiff cock in my hands. I’ve even arranged the aisles to make a perfect little fuck room and I think the boys know it. They’ll wait around “reading” for hours waiting to cum on this innocent looking young lady. “The smart type” they’ll say, and a smart girl is what they want. I handle dicks like a scientist.

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