Birthday Fun At The Club

dirty phone sexLots of guys spend their 21st birthday at a strip club. We have those come in often and tonight was no exception. A bunch of young drunk men who are mostly full of themselves. I love them, they are so easily manipulated. Anyways, tonight they were buying this young man lots of shots and me and the girls were giving them lots of lap dances. We noticed one of them was waving around a nice Black Card so we decided to push it because we knew they could pay. I whispered into the Birthday Boys ear that for a little extra cash we could take the entire party back to the VIP room where they could touch us, and we would make them very very happy. He talked to the guy with the card and after paying we led them back to the room.

We started dancing for them and removing our clothes as we went. I put the Birthday Boy on the couch and unbuttoned his pants and started sucking his dick. He was really drunk and having a hard time getting it up, so I leaned back and pushed his head between my legs and had him eat my juicy wet bald pussy. I made him go nice and slow, paying special attention to my clit and sticking his finger in my pussy hole. He did a great job and I rewarded him by squirting in his face. He never did get hard, but his friends did, and we enjoyed fucking every single one of them.

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