Big Dick Sucker by Day

big dick suckerI love being a big dick sucker. I was hanging out at my pool on Friday. There were a few boys playing hooky from school. I woke up with an intense oral fixation too. Usually, I am the only one at the pool during the week. The boys were nervous when they saw me. I assured them I was not a truancy officer in a string bikini. Our pool is not supervised. It was just us. I tugged down the white boy’s trunks first. Impressive at almost 9 inches. He still was bigger than most boys his own age and much bigger than many men my age. I showed him why he shouldn’t waste his time on teen whores. I managed to get every ounce of him down my throat. His balls were spread across my face. Sadly, he didn’t last long, but I had a backup boy. This boy had the stamina I wanted. Later, he told me he was thinking of something unpleasant so he would not spray my face too quickly. I brought them back to my trailer for a little double penetration. I got my swirl on as the saying goes. I had a black and a white teen cock doing me from both ends, eventually both holes. They came buckets of jizz in and on my old cougar body. I told them the next time they skip school to just come over to my trailer.

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