Big dick suckers always fall beneath my titan

Big dick suckerSticking my cock deep in his my big dick sucker’s ass, I knew he’d soon be begging for my attention in an entirely new way. His own dick weak and frail compared to my monster dong. Empowering doesn’t begin to cover the feelings that transpire when I hear him groan beneath me. I grip his hips, holding him close, and pumping against his will so deep his eyes roll. There’s a grunt here, a buck there, and soon enough he’s pushing himself up onto my girlcock. I don’t hold back, I never do with ass slaves like this. I show them their place and I do it good, leaving a massive gaping hole wherever I finish. My dick throbs deep within him, alerting him to what’s cumming soon – mainly me – and I can feel him lose control and start begging for it. “You’re my bitch now.” I groan, pumping hard enough to grind him against the bed. “Say it!”

Hearing him say it made me cum, deep, filling his asshole with powerful girljizz and spattering his insides with my dominance. “That’s right, you’re mine now.” I’ve always been very hard about getting myself another slut to pin beneath me, and today was just another chance I got to make that happen. I left him sweaty and cum covered and couldn’t be happier about it.

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