Big Dick Sucker Poolside

big dick suckerWhen you are a big dick sucker, you will suck cock anywhere, even your trailer park pool. I love giving head. Any age, any race. Big dick is big dick. My little trailer park pool is open again. It is a swim at your own risk sort of thing. No lifeguard. I have had gang bangs in that pool. Last year, it was closed because of the virus. Everything is back open now in Florida and that means I can be a dirty old cougar poolside again. I was tanning my sexy milf body when I felt a shadow over me. At first, I thought the clouds had rolled in, but it was a teen boy checking out my body. I opened my eyes, saw the bulge in his swim trunks and helped myself. I do not say no to cock. Ever. At least not one that big. I sat up in my lounge chair and started deep throating his massive hard on. For a boy still growing, he had ample meat between his legs. This trashy milf loves a young cock. They are always hard and full of cum. As I was slurping on his dick, more boys came over for some of the action. I cannot say no to a blow bang because I am a cum whore. No better way to swallow jizz than sucking on some hard young cock. I was swallowing jizz bombs like I was chugging beer. Yummy. The sun was beating down on my body as my lips drained teen cocks and balls. Before long there were like 20 boys, maybe more. I suspect all the teen boys in the trailer park were at the pool once the rumor was out that a trailer trash whore was swallowing cum for free. I have some funky tan lines, but worth it all to suck off that many teen dicks in a day.

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