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Big Dick Sucker SilviaBeing a big dick sucker is a great asset when you are as high as I am half the time. And when word gets around about how you can swallow a huge cock, you becum quite an asset. He didn’t care how about anything other then winning. He had never lost anything, at least not in his mind, that was worth keeping. And when I met him, I had no idea he intended me to be his prize. We had a bad habit in common and so inevitably acquired the same provider of goods. I of course was pretty busy earning my candy. I was being fed my cock and coke when he offered to pay my debt. Now my supplier loved my blow jobs quite a bit and informed him that he would have to pay quite a bit of cash to purchase my holes. He obviously did not care about price and soon after he was dragging my half conscious body to his car.Anal Sex Whore Silvia

He drove for a bit, then parked. I was still groggy and half awake when my car door opened. He was saying something I could not understand. He obviously got irritated with my condition and slapped my face, hard. The sting of his open hand seemed to trigger something and I found myself sitting in sopping wet panties. He read my reaction well and slapped me a second time, this time much harder. Again my body betrayed me and he seemed to like it. He pulled his dick out and forced it into my mouth. I started to suck his thick cock and soon he was tearing off my shirt. He bought me and he intended to use me as he saw fit. He had his whore, and a punching bag too. His thing was ass to mouth. He loved watching a whore suck her own ass juice off a dick, and he told me he really hoped he had a good shitty cock for me to clean. Bending me over the hood of his car he took my ass right then and there. Tore it open almost as I felt that manhood of his enter my shit hole with no lube. Boy I was in for one hell of a sore ass and bad taste in my mouth that day. But it was nice to get out of the crack house for once. And this guy had a nice baggy for me.Cum Guzzling Slut Silvia

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