Big Dick Sucker Cougar

big dick suckerI’m known as the big dick sucker of the trailer park. All the boys and men with huge rods that their women can’t handle, seek my help. Guess what? I am happy to give it. Black or white, big dicks come in all colors. I don’t discriminate against cocks. If your cock works, I will suck it. I love boy dick, so clearly I am not a size queen. My nick name comes from the fact that I have been sucking cock practically all my life, so that experience makes me able to handle the foot longs and bigger. I know the Internet is filled with images of tiny white women taking big black cocks in all their fuck holes, but the reality is that most women complain about dicks over 8 inches. They think it will hurt them. Well, it will hurt them, but some women like me enjoy a little pain.  When I suck a big dick, I like feeling like I will gag, even puke on the cock. When I fuck a big dick, I like when it hits my cervix and causes that intense, but quick pain. My abilities are well known in my community, so not a day goes by some guy doesn’t show up at my trailer with a hard cock in need of attention. Today it was Leroy. He is a beautiful, burly black man with 11 inches of pure dark meat. He married himself a tiny little white stripper girl who complains that he stretches her money holes. She fucks him, just not on nights she is working because she claims guys at the club don’t want to see a used up vagina. I don’t care about that as a trashy MILF. Personally, I love my nasty saggy cunt lips. Just means I am well fucked. Since when is that a bad thing?

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