Big Dick Sucker – Christmas Prep

Big dick suckerIt’s finally almost Christmas eve, and baby girl is so excited that I can feel her energy as she flits about the house playing and helping. We both are working completely naked, because who wants to be burdened by clothing at such a freeing, light-hearted time of year? Naturally, when a knock came to our door, neither of us thought anything of it. Well, when baby girl answered the door in the buff and immediately turned red, I had to see what was going on. I walked up behind her, in the nude myself, to find a young man in navy uniform, jaw wide open as he stared at both of us, trying to register what he was seeing. We looked at each other and invited him inside. He was all too easy to convince to get naked, and he told us all about the Christmas charity that he had come to inform us of while we took turns sucking and licking his cock and balls. Finally, baby girl stood up and I licked her cunt right before his eyes as she straddled him and then slid down his shaft. I don’t know if he thought that was all she wrote, but I walked around behind and pulled his head back as I thrust my pussy into his face over the back of the couch. He got thoroughly fucked today, I tell you that.

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