Big dick sucker Bullseye!

Big dick suckerWe all know that I’m a Big dick sucker.

I fucking love sucking your huge cock.

It’s right up there with you fucking my ass… And my pussy.

Well. Let’s just shorten it to I fucking love your cock.

It’s my favorite thing in the world and I love it when we play games.

Like, which hole am I going to cum in?

Will I use lube today?

Hilarious games that lead to great fucking.

The one that’s been your favorite lately is “Target Practice”

What we do is I suck your cock, and sometimes you fuck my throat. Right until you’re about to cum…

Then you pull out and shoot it all over my face.

We even have a scoring system!

On my eyes is 100, and is a bulls eye. On my tongue is 75, on my tongue is 50, on my breast is 25, and on my cheeks and chin and forehead is 20, and in my hair is 15.

You wanted it a higher score, but I insisted on that one being the lowest. No one fucks with my hair.

So… How high do you think you can score today? I say we try for 50 so I can swallow every drop.

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