Big Dick Sucker Beverly Rejects Teenie Weenies

big dick suckerHaving a big dick sucker in your life is the perfect thing. Now, if you have a small weenie, no woman should waste her talents on you. But if you pack something more than 8-inches, she will gladly down your Johnson. With the new year approaching fast, all the little dick losers come to my trailer. But guess what? Even at the end of the year, I have zero love for small dicks.

My ex-husband has a small dick. Every now and then, he comes around thinking I will give him head because I feel charitable or something. However, it never goes the way he hopes. He busted in on me and this teenage boy from the trailer park last night. Of course, he was drunk and mouthing off. Although he applauded me for sucking a white dick for once, he still slammed me for being a trashy milf with a boy too young for me. That young boy did not think he was too old for me.

In fact, that young boy did not enjoy my ex fucking with his mojo. He made my ex-husband whip out his dick for a comparison. But there was no comparison. This was not like apples and oranges. This was like comparing a banana to a pickle. My boy toy lover’s cock appeared three times the size of my ex’s loser micro dick. This boy likely will grow a few more inches, but my ex appears full-grown. Sad, but true. My ex has a teenie weenie.

I am a Cock Size Queen No Teenie Weenies Allowed

And my boy toy made sure he knew he was not welcome and that he could not please me with his shrimp dick. That set my ex off. But this boy toy shut him up with 9-inches of cock meat. Now, my ex can claim he has sucked both black and white cocks. Personally, I think when my ex gets super drunk, he craves cock. But like many men he refuses to admit it. So, he comes over to my place to make me the bad guy. If one of my lovers forces his cock on my husband, it is not his fault, right?

But it is his fault he has a tiny dick. I watched my boy toy skull fuck my loser ex until he puked up cum. Then I turned my ex into a cum guzzling slut too. I pushed his head down on the ground and made him clean up the mess. If you make a scene while I am trying to get some dick you are either stupid or a cuckold wannabee. And I will treat you as such.

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