Big dick sucker Berretta gets punished by the HBIC

big dick suckerBig dick sucker berretta gets her punishment for being such a dirty slut: The HBIC (Head, Bitch, In, Charge) comes over to show me exactly why she’s in charge. I guess my master told his wife I was being a slut around campus. I am not allowed to whore around especially if I don’t have the masters permission. They were very happy with me and they let me know. I was brought down to their punishment room and she too charges like always and began to whip my bottom and piss in my mouth and make me regret sucking and fucking all the college boys. I was going to endure all the pain and I was going to be disciplined so that I can get the message, They own my body and will always make decisions for me. Yes they love me being used and fucked but under their consent. I am their property and I have no business doing things they don’t sign off on first, lesson learned.

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