Big Dick Sucker Amara

Big dick sucker, yep that is what I am. I am a giant dick sucking, shit loving, piss guzzling whore for your pleasure. I want my man to know that if he fucks me I will be the dirtiest and nastiest little cum whore he has ever fucked.

Cum dumpster

I strive for greatness and nothing less. I want you to take a giant shit on my chest and make me eat it with a spoon. I want you to piss all over my head and then make me lap it up like egg drop soup. I want to be made to eat my vomit because everything you made me do was so nasty that I could not help but throw up and I needed to get it out of my stomach.

Big dick sucker

There is nothing that I wont do for you and nothing that is too shameful for my whore ass to perform. You want me to lick your asshole after you shit, yes sir. You want me to deep throat your cock so I can not breath, yes sir. I am here for your enjoyment. Tear up my ass hole, fuck my pussy, fill my mouth. Do whatever you want to me. I am yours.

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