Big dick sucker

Big dick suckerMy ex-boyfriend was very into exhibitionist sex, he often hired a guy to drive around his car while we fucked in the backseat. The guys payment- being able to watch as I rode his huge cock. We’d always start out with a blowjob, I’d suck his huge cock, making sure that the car next to us could see what I was doing, he loved when people watched. I began taking his cock in my throat, ugh it tasted so good! I took the entire thing down and began gagging all over him, even puked on his cock a little, he didn’t mind- he always said it was part of the job. When his cock was hard enough, I’d get on top of him and straddle his cock. I’d rub my wet pussy all over it before guiding it in my cunt. I took the entire thing at once and just went down on it. I was riding his cock so hard, making sure my boobs were directly in his face so he could have something to suck on. The people in the car next to us couldn’t believe what we were doing, but them watching every second was so hot. I took his cock out of my pussy and turned around and shoved it up my ass. I bounced up and down on his hard cock as it fucked my little asshole, he shot a huge load up in me and I felt it seep out of my asshole!

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