Bethany Getting turned on while waiting in a long line.

Anal sex whore

The other day I was in a long line at one of my favorite stores. They only had 2 registers open and the line was almost to the back of the store. But I was already there so I was just going to wait. For a while I was the last one in line until a young couple got behind me he was a big guy with a big black dick. I was not eavesdropping or at least I was not trying to. But you could tell they where in love and very frisky. I could hear her letting him that she wanted to drop to her knees right there in line and suck his cock. WOW that was really a turn to hear that. He told her that he wanted to give her a big surprise when she ask what that was he said I want to fuck you right her right now. At this time my pussy was starting to get wet. He told her to stand in front of him but to press herself against him. The next thing I heard was is zipper being unzipped. I turned around a little so that I could see what is going on with them to. The more I heard and the more I saw the more my pussy was getting wet I could fell the wetness slowly dripping down my leg. I have never been turned on like I was on this day. I see that he had her mini dress pulled up just enough to stick his big cock inside of her and from what I could tell is was not in her pussy. I heard her say baby fuck my ass harder. The line start slowly moving up and he never took his dick out of her as they walked. I wanted to be fucked just like her I had the shopping cart in front of me and my sweat shirt hanging down so I begin rubbing my pussy while I watched him fuck her. As the line keep moving I could tell his and her voices that he was ready to cum all in her ass. So I keep rubbing faster and harder I come at the same time they. Wow I loved the way he was using her as a cum dumpster  that was really hot I have never been working up so much in line like I was that day.

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