Best I ever had

cum guzzling slutI saw his rock hard cock from the corner of my eye. I had to help this customer out. I asked him to come out the office I had a copy of the book he needed. I subtly joked about his erection. To my dismay he answered it was only a bulge not a hard on. I gasped and felt a mix of emotions. One I was shocked he wasn’t hard two I was slightly embarrassed three most importantly I was intrigued. I told him I wanted to change that and wanted to see his cock and all its glory and soak up the experience. I knew it was a treat and was a one of a kind cock. I was right! He was flattered, It didn’t take much to convince him to let me take a closer look. His dick was hands down the biggest I have ever seen. I was lucky to be his cum guzzling slut for a few minutes. 🙂  I was not going to let him out of my life. He was a bonafide fuck buddy material.

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