BBC Sex Stories Warm Me Up

bbc sex storiesBBC sex stories are plentiful if you call me. I am a whore with a chocolate addiction. I love big black cocks. When it is cold out, nothing warms me up quicker than a huge anaconda. That is why I went down to the truck stop to pick up some black cock. I was cold as fuck. Big D wasn’t around, but there was plenty of dark meat around for me to fuck. I found Leroy. He is a 30 something married black trucker who loves white pussy. Most married black men love me. I am an old whore who likes to party. Plus, I swallow. This trailer trash whore is the most popular lot lizard slut at my truck stop. Even guys I don’t know have heard of me. Leroy knew who I was when I approached him. He was down to give me his fat black cock. He wanted to skull fuck me. He wanted to ass fuck me too. He wasn’t sure I could handle his trouser snake up my ass. I just giggled and told him he must have not heard much about me because I am an anal whore. I slurped on his big dick, using my spit as lube. Once his knob was all shiny, I sat my ass down on him full force. He was impressed. Didn’t take long for him to give me his chocolate sauce up my white ass.  I was warmed up with a few strokes.

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