BBC sex stories are meant to be stuck in you

BBC sex storiesWell, I’ve finally done and got my favorite BBC sex stories dildo shoved so far up my glorious pussy that it’s stuck! I can’t slide this thing out on my own no matter how hard I try, and believe me I’ve been trying for hours. It’s so slick with my sweet pussy juices and lubed up with need and lust that I can’t get a grip on it. Can you help me? Thank you, let me just bend right over so you can get a good look and figure out how you’re going to get ahold of this massive thing. It’s so deep I can’t help but pant with every movement, my ass wiggling and my breaths making my jugs bounce just right. Oh fuck, you accidentally turned it on and now my Sloppy wet pussy is getting even sloppier! I’m so fucking horny, haah, I can’t even imagine how you made that mistake but my brain’s scrambled so what do I care? I think I said that out loud, shit, you know what good! I want you to know how messed up I am, how much you’re helping me, how grateful I am. Baby, shit, the way you’re wiggling that toy around deep inside my tight hot pussy is feeling so good, I’m getting close to cumming. It’s almost like you’re teasing me on purpose, you are aren’t you? You’re such a jerk, I love it, keep it going! It’s not enough on its own to make me cum, and I think we both know that, but fuck I want it so bad. When I asked you to help me, I meant please get it out, but now I want you to pull it out and replace it with that massive cock of yours. I want you to stretch me out and overpower me, fuck me into this bed and make me forget about it. My cunt is running juices down my legs and I’m practically begging you at this point. Listen to me pant and moan, listen to me beg as my legs start to shake. I need it so badly. Please, may I cum? I’ll do anything you say! I can’t believe you called me on the Phone sex line at such a great time.

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