BBC Sex Stories

bbc sex storiesBBC sex stories are something I am never short on. I think I create new ones several times a week. You could call me a black cock whore, but the reality is I am just a whore. I live in a trailer park. It is filled with rednecks and black people. It is an interesting dynamic because many chicks are at the pool in their Confederate flag bikinis surrounded by black men. The trailer trash girls are ignorant to the irony of being in such a bikini while sucking a big black cock. The black men don’t give a shit. They love white pussy regardless who won than damn war. Me? I just like big dick and in my neighborhood that is often black. The weather has finally improved. I was at the pool all weekend. Saturday, it was just me and a few teen boys. I blew them by the pool. I rubbed my old snatch as they jacked off on me too. Sunday, was a totally different vibe. It was me and about 6 black guys. They weren’t there to work on their tans. The knew about the black gangbang whore who chills at the pool on the weekends. If concrete burns are a thing, I have them. I am all scraped up. Battle wounds. I don’t give a damn. I will gladly scrape my knees for some big black cocks up my pussy and ass. I got a tan. I got gangbanged. It was a perfect day.

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