BBC In The Champagne Room

Live Phone SexThe best part about being a stripper is the Champagne Room!

That is where a hot slut like me can get all the cock she wants drilling deep into that tight shaved pussy!

The best nights are the ones like last night when these two guys came in and bought some time!

A girl is always hoping to get both fuck holes pounded at the same time!

The first cock to slide inside of me was the biggest, fattest black cock I had ever seen!

My sweet wet pussy barely fit around that giant hard head and he kept pushing deeper and harder.

BBC Sex Stories

His friend was standing in the corner with his hard cock in his hand, just stroking and squeezing every inch!

He was getting off just watching this massive bbc plow my tight pink pussy!

But you know I am a cum guzzling slut and a cock in my mouth just sends me over the edge, so I reached out and pulled every inch of that dripping meat into my mouth and sucked him hard, draining his balls while his friend fucked my cum filled cunt!

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