BBC Cum Shots

Gangbang WhoreI had go to California last year for the annual stripper competition.

I love going to these and checking out the local clubs and seeing all that fresh hard thick meat!

We went to this one club and the UCLA basketball team had just won a big game so they had come to club to blow off a little steam and celebrate!

Seeing the room filled with all those hot hard young black cocks made me cream my panties instantly!

I knew I just had to have one of those stuffing my tight cunt…or using my ass as their team anal cum dumpster!

I guess I probably pissed off some of the local whores when I started offering free lap dances just so I could wiggle my ass in their laps and feel their long thick fuck sticks grow between my cheeks!

It didn’t take long and they were buying my drinks and doing body shots from my firm round tits!

We had a blast in the party room where I was taking cum shots from those big black cocks!

BBC Phone SexI think they caught on that I was an experienced gangbang whore when I took two of those big black cocks in my sloppy wet cum filled cunt!

You could tell they were a good team and played well together when one would spread my sweet ass cheeks apart, opening up my tight ass so the rest of the team could do a slam dunk in my hot shit hole!

It was the best fuck filled night ever!

They even gave me a signed ball saying that I was the honorary team cum guzzling slut!


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