bathtime for $200

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She ties my hands behind my back and my legs spread apart. She sits me in the bath tube. She told me that she would give me 200 bucks if I agreed to let her do what she wanted sexually to me for 2 hours. How could I turn it down. The water is running. And the bath with jets is filling up fast. She takes a vibrator and beings to rub it on my exposed cunt. She then puts 2 fingers inside of my pussy hole. I moan, it feels so good. My hole is becoming so wet.

The tub is filled up. She turns on the jets. She flips me over  and about half way drowns me. I start coughing up water. She pushes my cunt up against the jet. “Oh, god!” I moan out. Its so fucking hot. My clit is so fucking hard and my cunt soaking wet and throbbing. Another jet is hitting my ass hole. I feel it hit up inside of me. I’m getting fucked hard by a jet. The girl takes a big 9 inch dildo and starts to fuck me hard under the water. I am shaking all over. This is an amazing orgasm… she bites my nipples and I squirt my juices out into the tub. She finally stops. The place that the jets were are still vibrating. I stand up take my money and leave.

I think I’m in shock!! Lol


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