Bar Back Fun!

Lot Lizzard SexIt was raining today and I decided to take a walk to the bar. By the time I got there my t-shirt was sticking to my tits and my nipples showed since I didn’t wear a bra. The guy’s there were all staring and I decided to give them a show. I jumped on the bar with my beer bottle and stuck the long part in y pussy. I slow fucked myself till I got used to the glass then I fucked myself so hard and fast with that bottle that the beer still left inside was fizzing up to my cunt. When I pulled the bottle from my pussy the guy sitting in front of me drank the stream of fluid and beer running from my cunt. Then the people in there all took turns fucking me right there on the bar. The vast assortment of cocks in my cooch felt so good that I must have cum 20times. When I walked home after all the fun I was just as wet as when I arrived, but this time the rain had nothing to do with it.

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