Asshole Stretched During Drug Bing

I went on a party Bing, and it ended up leaving my asshole spread open. I love partying it makes me want to get fucked. Most men I get high with want to fuck my asshole. The feeling they are stretching a tight hole turns them so much that they can’t help but bust their big loads. The night went like normal I was drunk and super high,

Druggy phone sex

I had already taken my clothes off and had sucked a cock while fingering my cunt. I didn’t know he had messaged his friends to come over. I went to the bathroom and when I came back there was four other hard cocks right at my view. I told him I wasn’t high enough to party this way and that is when he gave me more blow. As soon as I had two rails, I felt someone grabbed me and hold me down while a big dick was shoved in my ass. He pounded me hard like it was the first time he fucked an asshole. I didn’t care i was so high I could barely feel anything. He jack hammered my asshole open until he filled it up with his thick nut. One after the other they stretched my asshole and filled it up with good nut. We did this all weekend until the blow was all gone that is when I finally felt the pain of having my asshole stretched all weekend long. 

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