Ass Lickin Private Dance

Stripping has been the best thing that has happened in my life. Not college, not the big black cock that I was fucking me for years. I love walking into the club turning heads as I go into change. I love wearing little bikinis and outfits that let my ass and tits hang out. It makes the old mans mouth wet as they see my walk up on stage. I spin around the pole and drop my ass to the floor and make it bounce right in front of the old man in the front row.. I untie my thong bikini right in his face and my pink pussy is maybe 2 inches away from him. I stand up and climb up the pole and slide down into a split. I can automatically see there cocks getting hard.

A guy called me over and wanted a private dance so I lead him into the back and told him to lay down and I will be right back. I went to the dressing room and did a couple lines of molly and one line of coke to give me some enthusiasm. I head back and take of my bikini and my top and close the curtain. I hope up on his lap and start the song. I started to grind on his hard cock really slow.

I put my hands on his chest and started to bounce hard up and down on his shaft. I turned around and put my ass in his face and shook it and I sat back farther so he could get a little lick of my sweet pussy. In the 69 position I pulled out his big fat cock and started to put it in my mouth. I turned my head around and said, ” If I suck your cock its a extra 300.” He said of course and I started deep throating his dick. Getting it all nice and wet and I started to suck your big balls. I told you I wanted you to bend over so I could lick that tight fucking asshole. As I was tonguing your tight asshole I starting jerking you off till you exploding on your stomach. I threw him a towel and took my money and left.

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