Ass apples

Dirty phone sexYou know how your mamma told you not to swallow the seeds in fruit? Yeah this is why!

Just kidding, I didn’t grow an apple and shit it out. My dirty phone sex loving caller had a very specific request. I got my ass all nice and gaped by a big, fat cock, a nice load dumped deep inside me, and then he decided to surprise me and shove an apple in my ass, just to see if I was slut enough to handle it!

And guess what, I did! I sucked that fucking apple into me, squeezed it into the jizz pool sitting in my ass, and popped that fucker back out! What can I say, I’m an anal sex whore to the fucking core. Cocks of all shapes, sizes, and breeds are welcome in my lovely little fuckholes! There’s no taboo phone sex here, and that means that nothing, NOTHING in your wildest, most twisted heart’s desire is off limits, or too dirty for me. This fucking slut likes to get high on a fat fucking rail and see how weird we could fuck!

No bitch is more of a cum guzzling slut than me. I’ll do everything the prude cunt at home won’t. Would she let you fist fuck her kitty just because you were bored? Would she hold your cock in her throat while you take a hit, and spring to your full hardness inside her before skull fucking the shit out of the dumb bitch? Fuck no, she won’t.

But, that’s why you got me. Your own, personal cum slut.

So, what the fuck are you waiting for?

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