Anything For a Fix

trashy milf

A trashy milf is a filthy whore that fucks for drugs. In fact this filthy milf gets into anything that involves being paid with cash or drugs. I do not give a fuck how depraved of a fantasy you have. I am the fuck whore for your pleasure. Use me like a toilet, a cum receptacle or a party favor for your furry friends. I am that desperate to get my fix. I need the crack rock like you need your depraved fantasies fulfilled. Badly. I am a bad ass bitch most of the time. But when I am in need of a fix, I am a filth groveling whore that the sickest pervert would be ashamed to know. Yeah I ain’t the brightest cunt, but I have a cunt, ass and mouth for your perverted use. Licking up urine on the gas station tile floor was just one depraved thing I was forced to do in order to humiliate myself to avoid being arrested. I was trying to steal some liquor but was caught. The cashier and security guard had their fun with me. I ain’t gonna lie I got off on the situation. Especially when they poured the pint of booe on the tile piss covered floor. Yep I was a good bitch and licked it all up. Then they forcibly fucked me.

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