Anal For Coke

Druggy phone sexRico has the best coke and I want some really bad. I don’t have any money so I’ll have to use my body. With my big tits and great ass I can get whatever I want. I got in my car and sped over to Rico’s house.
He answered the door and said, “If you don’t have any money, Audrey, then I want your tight asshole sweetie.”
I wanted that coke so bad that I was willing to do anything. I got undressed and bent over the back of his sofa. Then he did something so unsuspectedly, he got on his knees and ate my ass. It felt so good that it had me weak in the knees. Feeling his tongue dart in and out of my asshole felt amazing. When he finally pushed his dick into my butt it felt so good. Who knew anal sex could be so great?

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