Anal Cum Dumpster Wants Your Load

Anal Cum Dumpster

I love being made into an anal cum dumpster. Getting my ass stretched out and filled with a load of hot creamy cum makes my pussy fucking gush. Anytime I get fucked I ask him to pound my ass. Then I beg him to dump his load inside me. Feeling that warm sticky cum drip out of my ass feeling so fucking good. I like to reach my fingers back and pull some of it out then stick my fingers in my mouth. Sucking off your tasty cum. The more times I shove my fingers in my now gaping ass the less it starts to taste like your cum and the more it starts to taste like my ass. I love tasting the mixture of my sweet little ass with your cum. I’ll even suck your cock for you after and clean you all up! Making sure I get every bit of sperm and ass juice off your nice thick cock.

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