Anal cum dumpster wants you to stretch me out daddy.

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Make my ass gaping with that shitty cock. You know I’m a nasty whore. I love feeling those sloppy balls slap my clit. Get my cunt covered in all that shit. I love it sloppy I can’t help it. knowing that I’m covered in all this smooth warm shit makes my cunt drip.

Now let me clean that cock of yours. Take it out my ass and ram it in my throat. Make me gag on the whole length of that nice hard veiny, shit coated dick. I love the way it tastes and the way it’s smeared all over your cock and balls looks so fucking sexy. God damn baby, you know I am fucking filthy.

Ram that dirty cock right in my cunt. do it without warning, I like it rough. There is still shit all over that cock and all over my cunt now there is a really tasty mixture that I have to devour, but first I want you to fuck me hard, make this dirty cum whore holler. Pound my cunt till you are ready to blow, then shove it in my ass, you know that’s where that load goes. Fill up my ass with that warm sticky cum. After all baby that’s all I’m made for a toilet dumpster for your cum!

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