Anal Cum Dumpster Gets Whored Up

I found this anal cum dumpster hanging out at the crack house I frequent and she was so fucking strung out for a fix that I couldn’t resist using her for drugs. My BBC dealer just loves the tight young things that are new to the habit and haven’t completely come around to whoring themselves yet. He was happy with my little gift for him that he let me have an eight ball and some of that BBC in my whore hole. I love the way his big black dick pounds my sweet blonde girl ass while I get all geeked up. When I got my fill he asked if I wanted to go doubles with him on the sweet young addict. I surely didn’t turn that down, and took her tight virginal addict ass while his massive black fuck rod destroyed her barely fucked tight little dick… she got her fix and more than she was in store for, ad I got mine.

Anal cum dumpster


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