Anal cum dumpster Carrie is will do anything for crystal!

Anal cum dumpster

Anal cum dumpster Carrie is will do anything for crystal! I’ll usually start my day by sucking off some low-life, scumbag dealer just to score some of that crystal. And I don’t just mean a quick little blow job, nah. I’m talking about deepthroating that cock, making it disappear down my throat until it shoots its load of cum right down my throat. Yeah, I’m a dirty cum dumpster, but hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to get her fix.

Once I’ve gotten my first hit of the day, it’s game on. I’ll head out to the streets, dressed in my skimpiest outfit, looking for my next hit. And let me tell you, I don’t discriminate. I’ll fuck anyone, anywhere, anytime. I’ve done it in alleys, abandoned buildings, and even in the back of a fucking van. And I don’t just stick to regular old vanilla sex. Nope, I’m all about that anal action, I am a motherfucking Anal sex whore! I want your hard cock rammed deep in my ass, pounding away until I can’t even think straight. And don’t be shy, you can call me for some hot crack whore anal phone sex anytime.

I’ll do anything for that rush, that high. I don’t care if you’re old, young, fat, or skinny. As long as you have some crystal, I’m all yours. I’ll even take on multiple guys at once, just to satisfy my craving for that euphoric feeling. And when I’m not out there on the streets, I’m holed up in my little shithole of a room, getting high and fucking myself with whatever I can find. Because let’s face it, a girl can’t rely on dick alone.

So there you have it, folks. That’s my life as a methed-out dirty drug whore named Carrie. It’s not glamorous, it’s not pretty, but hey, it’s the only life I know. And if you think you can handle this, well, give me a call for Crack whore anal action! Let’s get nasty and fucked up together.


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