Anal Cum Dumpster BJ Needs More

As a anal cum dumpster whore of phone sex I am always needing to take more cock and cum. So, out at the bar the other night I had the luck of being amongst a group of black bikers and the fun i had with them! After a night of doing shots and a few blowjobs (hey I have to keep to my namesake), we headed out to the hotel they were all staying at.

The sleaze lodge deluxe was quite the place and the action that was underway was even trashier than that joint. I was on my knees and getting the cum dumpster treatment of a facial. I worked those BBC’s for all the jizz I could juice from those heavy balls and was rewarded with quite the plastering of cum.

The only thing, none of them would fuck me as I was only being used for my mouth and I really need my cunt and ass pounded. Who’s up for a filthy fucking time?

Anal Cum Dumpster BJ

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