Anal Cum Dumpster at the Club

Anal cum dumpsterStrip clubs are not really my thing, but every once in a while I’ll hit one up. I mean, there are some pretty hot guys that will go just to watch these women undress on a stage with a pole in their hands. I walked in there, and the place was packed. It was damn near standing room only. I found a table that only had 1 guy, and asked if he minded if I sat down. He gave me a quick glance, nodded, and turned his attention back to the girl on stage. It was as I was ordering a drink from the server who stopped through that he caught my eye. He was staring at me, hard, and I winked at him. His face stayed stony, and I started to get uncomfortable. I excused myself to the restroom, only to have him start following me back there. Since he got closer to me as I got closer to the restroom, I decided to stop and find out what his deal was. He pulled me off into a VIP room not far from the restroom, and confronted me about my dealings in the club. I guess he thought I was trying to poach or something. Trailer trash whoreWhen I denied it, he put me against the wall over the couch, patted me down. When he got to my cock, he grabbed it. His other hand slid up my skirt from the back, grabbing on to my perfect globe before sliding between them and running his finger over my ass hole through my panties. He pushed me so that I knelt forward on the couch, and he pulled my skirt up over my ass and my panties aside. The fabric tightened over my already-hardening cock, and he just pulled it a little more snugly. After rubbing my ass a few more times, I felt him rub his cock over my sphincter before starting to push up in me completely dry. I grabbed onto the back of the couch with both hands and held on while he drove himself slowly into my ass hole, and then started fucking me. By the time he blew his load into me, I was dribbling pre-cum all over the couch, and he made me lick it clean so that no one else had to sit in my jizz.

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