Anal Cum Dumpster!

anal cum dumpster

I crave to be an anal cum dumpster. I am already obsessed with being a cum dumpster and anal sex anyway so when they are put together I get so much more turned on. Even more than before, because that’s when I am starting to feel like a real whore. I like to get feeling good…high or drunk or both first because this ass is TIGHT! My tight ass resists big fucking cocks but I take it anyway because the goal is to become a gaping cum filled cum dumpster. I just want to be a real whore, let out my true slut and fulfill my dirty whore fantasies. I don’t mind giving it up to a ton of guys at once…I sure don’t mind being their personal cum dumpster for them either. I love to beg for it, urge them to cum in my shit hole and they do….hard and deep. Just like I like it! It’s the best being me, a party girl always gets what she wants.

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