Anal Cum Dumpster

Anal cum dumpsterI volunteered to work some overtime at the library today. I told my boss I would be cataloging the history section. It was total bullshit! All I wanted to do was use the building for one hell of a ABC party! Anything but clothes! I of course wore some tiny dust jackets..lol. The party was just getting in full swing! There was FUCKING everywhere. When I noticed a VERY will hung man smiling at me. He was dressed only in a sock on his cock! I had to tell him that I was sorry but he was breaking the rules! A sock is after all.. clothes! He agreed and let me peel that sock right off his cock. And it was a big beautiful cock! Once I unwrapped it I had to enjoy it. I started by sucking his whole shaft in my mouth! And once I had him super slippery. I had to push him down on the reading table and mount that big beautiful cock! He felt so damn good! His cock was so big and hard! He took over and started pounding that cock deep inside me! Ramming me so fucking hard. He made me cum so many times! Over and over! Then he passed me to his friend who fucked my ass just like I needed! I love being a fucking whore!

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